Anderson's Law Limited

Our Services

Legal market know-how enables us to identify and benchmark the best lawyers suited to your needs and rates for each matter brought to us. 

Legal issues, cases and transactions knowhow enables us to understand and manage your legal tasks efficiently and equitably. 

Deep knowledge of legal acquisition and legal services delivery. 

Our client’s satisfaction rates are attained through enhanced governance, the ability to obtain advice exactly when they need it, efficiencies in their operational processes, cost certainties and improved relationships with their legal providers. 

Our advice is delivered in a clear, transparent way, without any legal jargon to ensure that our clients fully understand the process at every step of the way.

Our comprehensive services range from legal procurement and operations to include: 

  • Panel set-up and management 
  • Process improvements 
  • Fees analysis 
  • Outsourced and In house/Head of Legal/ GC, specialised packages 
  • Litigation Management 

Private Sector

Anderson’s private sector clients represent organisations from every industry, size, and environment. We work closely with private individuals and many more to help them change the way in which they procure and manage their legal services. 

Typical challenges people and businesses of all sizes include: 

  • Not knowing where to go to get the best legal advice 
  • Being unaware of the broad range of legal options available 
  • Inability to secure the best rates, volume discounts or structured fees 
  • Unsuitable use of law firms (which can be costly and does not necessarily lead to the best advice) 
  • Controlling legal spending and obtaining cost certainty 
  • Not knowing what they should be paying: lack of market transparency and time